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to people that sleep with their bedroom doors open:you are brave but you are going to die young

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TITLE: UnknownSay My Name (Gorilla)
ARTIST: Unknown Bruno Mars
PLAYS: Unknown7144
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Zac Efron’s kiss at the MTV Movie Awards ;)
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-.- lucky gal
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Cutie Pie!
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"hamishhamiltontv: Bruno wanted to throttle me sometimes! Literally. #superbowl #halftimeshow #rehearsals #brunomars fantastic job by everyone & Bruno was phenomenal."
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jaimekailani: Wishing you were here. Knowing you will be right there next to him and Eric on that big stage today. Loving and missing you. #meme #mom #bernadetteGonna party hard for you today.
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"jenileereyes: Started from the bottom and now he’s at the #SuperBowl!! Excited to see my boy shine on that stage today…Get it Bruno! #proud #brunomars #pepsisbhalftime #sincewaybacksunday #dreamsdocometrue”
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Oooooh jawline
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Ew armpits